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Nodon are the colorful creatures with distinct personality that are used as code in Game Builder Garage. They are the building blocks of programs made using the game, each one representing a form of input, game output or game logic, and which can be connected to tie the Nodon to each other (such as a Nodon Stick.webpStick Nodon to a Nodon Person.webpPerson Nodon to tie the person's movement to the stick). There is a limit of 512 overall Nodon available for use in each program. Certain Nodon have special limits and usage restrictions, however.

Limits & Restrictions


As already mentioned, there is a limit of 512 overall Nodon useable per program. This section gives details on more specific Nodon limits.

Object-generating Nodon have an overall cost limit of up to 512. Most Object Nodon cost 1 towards this limit, but Nodon Launch-Object.webpLaunch-Object Nodon instead cost 2 plus the amount of objects generated by them can exist at once. Nodon World.webpWorld, Nodon Camera-Position.webpCamera-Position, Nodon Camera-Target.webpCamera-Target, Nodon Camera-Direction.webpCamera-Direction, and Nodon Camera-Angle.webpCamera-Angle Nodon are not considered object-generating Nodon and therefore, ignore this limit and don't cost towards it.

Nodon Comment.webpComment Nodon have a call limit of 24. Nodon Background-Music.webpBackground-Music Nodon have a limit of 4. The Nodon Person.webpPerson, Nodon Car.webpCar, and Nodon UFO.webpUFO Nodon each have a limit of 8. Nodon Text-Object.webpText-Object Nodon also have a limit of 8. Nodon Texture.webpTexture Nodon have a limit of 128. Nodon String-Connector.webpString-Connector Nodon have a limit of 8. The Nodon World.webpWorld Nodon has a limit of 1. The Nodon Game-Screen.webpGame-Screen, Nodon Camera.webpCamera, and four Advanced Camera Nodon all each have a limit of 1. The Nodon Head.webpHead Nodon also has a limit of 1, and Nodon Hand.webpHand Nodon have a limit of 8.

Nodon Swap-Game.webpSwap-Game Nodon have a limit of 8, but each must have an identical Game ID set in their settings. As Nodon Teleport-Object-Exit.webpTeleport-Object-Exit Nodon each must have a unique Teleport ID, and only 8 are available, one may not be called if there are already 8 in use. The Nodon Game-Screen.webpGame-Screen and Nodon Camera.webpCamera Nodon may not be called simultaneously with each other or an Advanced Camera Nodon.

Connection Limits

Aside from Nodon, there is also an overall limit of 1024 connections per program. Individual input and output ports can each take up to 16 connections at once, upper connection ports can generally take up to 8, while lower connection ports tend to only take 1 connection. Up to 32 Nodon can be physically linked in a connection group through connection ports, but only 17 can be linked in a row.

The upper connection ports of the Nodon String-Connector.webpString-Connector, Nodon Head.webpHead, and Nodon Hand.webpHand Nodon can only accept one connection, and the lower connection port of the Nodon Texture.webpTexture Nodon can have 8 connections. The Texture Nodon is also not included in the connection group limit.

List of Nodon

There are four categories of Nodon: Input, Middle, Output, and Objects.


  • Nodon Constant.webpConstant - Continually outputs a single set value for the duration of the game.
  • Nodon Button.webpButton - Determines if at least one of the specified buttons is pressed.
  • Nodon Stick.webpStick - Outputs a value based on the position of a control stick.
  • Nodon If-Touched.webpIf Touched - Determines if the screen as whole or a specific portion of the screen is touched.
  • Nodon Touch-Position.webpTouch Position - Outputs the position that the screen was last touched.
  • Nodon Shake.webpShake - Outputs a value based on how strongly a control is being shook.
  • Nodon Tilt.webpTilt - Outputs a value based on how a controller is tilted.
  • Nodon If-Face-Up.webpIf Face Up - Outputs how close a side of a controller is to facing upwards.
  • Nodon Rotation-Speed.webpRotation Speed - Outputs how fast a controller is being rotated around each axis.
  • Nodon IR Motion Camera.webpIR Motion Camera - Displays a marker based on the image captured by the IR Motion Camera of a Joy-Con (R).
  • Nodon Object-Break.webpObject Break - Activates when one of the specified object types is destroyed.
  • Nodon On-Start.webpOn Start - Activates at the moment the game begins, and does nothing afterwards.


  • Nodon Calculator.webpCalculator - Performs one of four basic calculations on two numbers.
  • Nodon Map.webpMap - Scales the received number in a way that would map the Input Range to the Output Range.
  • Nodon Digitize.webpDigitize - Takes a number and returns it with its fractional part rounded to discrete stages between 0.00 and 1.00.
  • Nodon Square-Root.webpSquare Root - Calculates the square-root of a number.
  • Nodon Absolute-Value.webpAbsolute Value - Calculates the absolute value of a number.
  • Nodon + - Inversion.webp+ - Inversion - Reverses the sign of a number.
  • Nodon Trigger-from-0.webpTrigger from 0 - Activates on the moment that the received number changes from 0.00.
  • Nodon Position → Angle.webpPosition → Angle - Outputs the angle that the received position is located from the origin.
  • Nodon Angle → Position.webpAngle → Position - Outputs the position 1 unit away from the origin in the direction of the received angle.
  • Nodon Angle-Difference.webpAngle Difference - Calculates the distance between two angles around a revolution.
  • Nodon Comparison.webpComparison - Determines if the received numbers satisfy the set comparison.
  • Nodon AND.webpAND - Activates only when it receives a value through both of its input ports.
  • Nodon NOT.webpNOT - Only activates when it doesn't receive a signal.
  • Nodon Flag.webpFlag - Can be activated and deactivated on input.
  • Nodon Counter.webpCounter - Stores a number that can be increased and decreased on input.
  • Nodon Random.webpRandom - Generates a pseudo-random whole number between 1 and a set value when input is received.
  • Nodon Timer.webpTimer - Waits the specified amount of time upon activation, before outputting for the specified amount of time.
  • Nodon Bull's-Eye.webpBull's-Eye - Outputs based on how markers overlap with it.
  • Nodon Wormhole-Entrance.webpWormhole Entrance - Sends the received value along through the specified Wormhole ID.
  • Nodon Wormhole-Exit.webpWormhole Exit - Outputs the sum of values sent through the specified Wormhole ID.
  • Nodon Comment.webpComment - Displays a customizable string of text as its name on the program screen Canvas.


  • Nodon Play-Sound.webpPlay Sound - Plays a set sound effect or musical note when activated, at the received pitch and volume.
  • Nodon Background-Music.webpBackground Music - Plays a set music track with customizable elements while activated, at the received speed and volume.
  • Nodon Vibration.webpVibration - Activates the rumble feature of a controller.
  • Nodon Reduce-Gravity.webpReduce Gravity - Alters the effect of gravity on objects in the game world based on input.
  • Nodon Slow-Time.webpSlow Time - Slows the speed of time for objects in the game world based on input.
  • Nodon Retry.webpRetry - Restarts the game when activated.
  • Nodon End-Game.webpEnd Game - Closes the game upon activation.
  • Nodon Swap-Game.webpSwap Game - Switches to a specified game upon activation, sending the received value to be output.
  • Nodon Marker-Display.webpMarker Display - Displays one of many settable options for one-dimensional markers, positioned based on input.
  • Nodon 2D-Marker-Display.webp2D Marker Display - Displays a circular maker of set size at the received position within the Nodon.
  • Nodon Continuous-Marker-Display.webpContinuous Marker Display - Constantly displays a marker in itself.
  • Nodon IR-Light.webpIR Light - Causes the IR Motion Camera of a Joy-Con (R) to start emitting infrared light.


  • Nodon Person.webpPerson - Creates a person in the game world that can freely move horizontally, jump, and perform animations, all on input.
  • Nodon Car.webpCar - Creates a vehicle in the game world that can move forward and backward, turn horizontally, and jump, all on input.
  • Nodon UFO.webpUFO - Creates a UFO in the game world unaffected by gravity, and can move freely along any axis on input.
  • Nodon Object.webpObject - Creates a basic object of the specified shape.
  • Nodon Fancy-Object.webpFancy Object - Creates a special object with a specific set appearance.
  • Nodon Moving-Object.webpMoving Object - Creates an object of the specified shape that can move freely along any axis on input.
  • Nodon Rotating-Object.webpRotating Object - Creates an object of the specified shape that can rotate freely along any axis on input.
  • Nodon Extending-Object.webpExtending Object - Creates a limited object of the specified shape that may extend and contract on input.
  • Nodon Effect.webpEffect - When activated, either causes a effect on the screen, or creates an effect in the game world, set in the settings.
  • Nodon Text-Object.webpText Object - Creates a basic box object that displays 1-2 lines of freely settable text on one side.
  • Nodon Number-Object.webpNumber Object - Creates a basic box object that displays a set number of digits of the received number on one side.
  • Nodon Texture.webpTexture - Displays a texture in the game world, or applies a texture to the sides or inner layers of various objects.
  • Nodon Touch-Sensor.webpTouch Sensor - Determines how many of the specified object types overlap with the sensor.
  • Nodon Destroying-Sensor.webpDestroying Sensor - Activates when the object it is directly connected to destroys another object.
  • Nodon Destroyed-Sensor.webpDestroyed Sensor - Becomes activated once the object it is directly connected is destroyed.
  • Nodon Grabbed-Sensor.webpGrabbed Sensor - Determines if the connection group it is part of is currently held by a Hand.
  • Nodon Location-Sensor.webpLocation Sensor - Outputs the exact position of itself, from the specified Frame of Reference.
  • Nodon Speed-Sensor.webpSpeed Sensor - Outputs how fast its center-point is moving along each axis, from the specified Frame of Reference.
  • Nodon Acceleration-Sensor.webpAcceleration Sensor - Outputs how its speed along each axis is changing, from the specified Frame of Reference.
  • Nodon Angle-Sensor.webpAngle Sensor - Outputs the exact angle it is rotated, from the specified Frame of Reference.
  • Nodon Rotation-Speed-Sensor.webpRotation-Speed Sensor - Outputs how quickly its angles of rotation along each axis is changing, from the specified Frame of Reference.
  • Nodon Slide-Connector.webpSlide Connector - Intercepts physical links to allow the connected object to slide along one axis within a specified range, either freely or based on input.
  • Nodon Free-Slide-Connector.webpFree Slide Connector - Intercepts physical links to allow the connected object to freely slide along some axes while forced to specific points along others based on input.
  • Nodon Hinge-Connector.webpHinge Connector - Intercepts physical links to allow the connected object to rotate along one axis within a specified range, either freely or based on input.
  • Nodon String-Connector.webpString Connector - Intercepts physical links to separate two objects by a physical string of fixed length.
  • Nodon Launch-Object.webpLaunch Object - Generates and launches up to a set number of simple objects either constantly or based on input.
  • Nodon Destroy-Object.webpDestroy Object - Destroys the specified object types when overlapping with this, either constantly or based on input.
  • Nodon Teleport-Object-Entrance.webpTeleport Object Entrance - Causes the specified object types to instantly teleport to another point through the Teleport ID, or be deleted if no corresponding exit exists.
  • Nodon Teleport-Object-Exit.webpTeleport Object Exit - Marks a point that objects can be teleported to, and can launch objects that teleport to it.
  • Nodon Attract-Object.webpAttract Object - Objects in this area may be attracted to or repelled from a set location, with the type and strength based on input.
  • Nodon World.webpWorld - Sets the settings of the game world itself.
  • Nodon Game-Screen.webpGame Screen - Creates a camera in such a way that the area the Nodon encompasses on the program screen is displayed.
  • Nodon Camera.webpCamera - Creates a camera at an exact position and rotation.
  • Nodon Camera-Position.webpCamera Position - Determines the position that the Advanced Camera will be located at.
  • Nodon Camera-Target.webpCamera Target - Determines the location that the Advanced Camera will look at by default.
  • Nodon Camera-Direction.webpCamera Direction - Changes the direction that the Advanced Camera faces, offset from the target.
  • Nodon Camera-Angle.webpCamera Angle - Sets the field of view of the Advanced Camera.
  • Nodon Head.webpHead - Creates an invisible non-solid object that follows the camera position, and may have another object attached to it.
  • Nodon Hand.webpHand - Creates a ray extending from the camera that can hold certain objects and, using motion controls, freely move them around the game world.


  • Nodon Puzzle-Clear.webpPuzzle Clear (Output) - Only used in Checkpoint puzzles, and completes the current puzzle upon activation.